Nobody has ever claimed that juggling all the tasks you have to do on your next indie hit is easy. But with this template, you can outsource the priorities of your tasks to Notion. 🤖

We here at Up There They Love have decided to give away this project management template for free so that anyone may learn from it and apply it to their own projects. Press the Duplicate button at the top of the page to get started!

If you want to learn more about how to use the dashboard for your own projects, please refer to this blog post.

Happy hacking!

-Mr. Hands

🏗 Projects

Divide and conquer is how we get things done. Projects are the different areas of your game/website/shop that you need to think about. When you create tasks, you should always link them back to a project.

And you can use the project page itself for your documentation!


✅ Tasks

These are the smallest units of work on your projects. A task can be done or not done, nothing in between! Make sure to specify the Effort and Impact on each of them to ensure the robot can do its work.

And now you have a nice ordered lists of tasks to do! ✨


📅 Databases

It's good practice to keep your databases as separate pages and use them as inline views on your dashboard. This makes it possible to combine them on other pages later.

Type /inline to link to an existing database.